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  Base stone sculpture statue EAST WEST
At present, adorned with stone sculptures were not too strange, to meet the needs of customers. Our facility has been constantly evolving and trying to bring customers the best artwork


brings together a lot of sculpture artists, with high seniority with handmade stone products varied and plentiful.

The product was sculpted by technology and workmanship, each finished product requires a lot of time, through many stages, from a rock and sketches, select color and size, to make crude, for shape, cooled, and then polished. At least a few days, often for several months, sometimes lasts the whole year. That represents passion and perseverance career of the artist. Our products are diverse in genre and richness in shape (like statues, statues care, god statues, animals or objects of furniture ...) And especially, these products are made from colored precious stones such as pink stone, red stone, stone gray, stone white, black granite and sandstone. Currently, our products have been exported to all over the world by air and sea. And a lot of units and individuals preferred to buy decorations at work, or in a frame member ...


Reliability - Quality - on time - Delivery within and outside the country.

  Establishments East West Stone Sculpture Statue always want more and better service, and is where the trust of our customers when needed. We will always try to serve to meet the requirements of customers in the best way.